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The idea of Bolsero brand was born in Spain by two designers who decided to have their say in the fashion world by creating bags that would provide unique and comfortable style for more and more people.

The dream of friends to create a new bag later became a goal, then a reality. In order to carry out the plan they’ve launched the production process in PRC.

The issue of quality was the most important factor that was meticulously and successfully resolved by our specialists.


Key steps

Highlighting 3 basic steps, planning, analysis and control, they have created a stable quality.



Later, as the team replenished, the brand’s creators retained their tradition of leaving the brand’s central face, delivering the customers the designer’s originality in each created bag.

Subsequently, with different targeting intentions, they have decided to branch out, and as a result (nevertheless), Bolsero remained true (adhered) to its ideology and principles of keeping up with the latest fashion trends, providing quality and accessibility.

Bolsero is a blend of elegance and accentuated style that combines uniqueness and practicality and is geared to create and deliver exclusively fashionable, up-to-date ideas for the client.

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