Over the years, scarves have always been relevant. It is a stylish accessory for all seasons, available in the wardrobe of every stylish person. Of course, the scarf had a more protective function than a decorative one. In general, the history of scarves dates back more than 2000 years. Scharf’s first prototype appeared in China, where it was worn by the military. It was a small piece of cloth that soldiers used to wrap around their necks to protect themselves from strong winds and cold weather. At the beginning of the 21st century, the scarf began its successful steps on various stages around the world. There are different types of scarves in almost all collections of the most famous designers, which capture the hearts of stylish people with their beauty. Today the scarf is an integral accessory; it is worn not only in cold seasons, but also in summer. Because it can spice up the look and emphasize a person’s personality. The complete mood of the character is created with the scarves. Scarves can be both a lightweight detail to complete the look, and can give a decisive emphasis to the look, which will draw irresistible attention.

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